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Robert Wilkinson (c. 1758 – 1825) & Thomas Conder (1747 – 1831)

Robert Wilkinson was a London based map and atlas publisher. He acquired the map plate library of John Bowles, an important publisher of the 18th century, following that cartographer‘s death in 1779. After a year-long updating process, Wilkinson issued his first fully original atlas „A General Atlas, being a Collection of Maps of the World and Quarters, the Principal Empires, Kingdoms & c. With their Several Provinces, & Other Subdivisions, Correctly Delineated“ in 1794. This atlas became very popular and it was published in numerous editions until about 1825 when Wilkinson died. His business and map plates were acquired by William Darton (1755 – 1819) who reissued the „General Atlas“ with his own imprint well into the 19th century.

Thomas Conder was an English engraver and bookseller. He produced a large corpus of maps, usually in conjunction with other publishers of his day, including Robert Wilkinson and Thomas Kitchin. Only little is known about his life.

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Size: 23 x 29 cm
Image: Original colour
Year: 1794

Map details

This map, engraved by Thomas Conder for the first edition of Robert Wilkinson‘s „General Atlas“, shows Scandinavia, the Baltic, the western region of Russia and the northern part of Germany and Prussia, with an inset map of Iceland in the upper left corner. The title of the map is to be found in the lower right quadrant without any decoration.

In the inset, „Iceland“ is written above the depiction of the country.  Underneath, a distance scale and a compass rose are placed. In the interior of the country mainly mountain ranges are to be seen, only a few place-names including the volcano Hekla and the bishoprics Skalholt and Holar. The Arctic Circle is marked also in Iceland but a bit too far south, crossing the northernmost tip of the westfjords.