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Gerard Jollain (1638  – 1724)

was the founder of a dynasty of French engravers publishers who worked in the 17th and 18th centuries. Their engravings were often published under the name „Chez Jollain“. Nothing is known about Gerard‘s life and career. His main work is the cosmography „Tresor Des Cartes Geographiques Des Principeaux Etats de L‘Univers“ which is based upon Boisseau‘s Atlas of 1643, the first world atlas in France.

Size: 19 x 14 cm
Image: Uncoloured
Year: 1667

Map details

This very rare map from the „Tresor“ has two cartouches: in the upper right corner with the title and another one in the bottom right „Jollain excudit 1667“. Europe is shown with the southern coast of Greenland, „Novvel. Zemble“, the mythical island „Frisland“ and an oversized Iceland which is named „Yslandiae“. The Arctic Circle runs far to much south.

Along the coastline there is no place-name at all and only two in the interior: one is „Hola“ which surely is the bishopric Holar, the other one is „Pykkebar clas“ (?).