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Jacobus Robijn (1649 – c. 1707)

was a Dutch engraver, publisher and mapseller. Born in Amsterdam, he worked there in the Nieuwebrugsteeg in his own shop „de Stuurman“ from 1673 to 1693. In 1674 he first registered as a bookseller. In 1679, he is briefly recorded as being in partnership with Johannes van Keulen to produce a new set of charts but the relationship foundered. However: „Later he added to the collection copies of the sea charts of the Van Keulen family. This map is one of the copies since its version is of the type that was common on the Van Keulen charts“ ( Robijn is best known for publishing levish examples of other people‘s works. After Pieter Goos’ death his widow sold the plates and the rights of the „Zee-Spiegel“ and the „Zee-Atlas“ to Robijn who re-issued them for his „Zee-Fakkel“, solely under his name, in 1680. Subsequently he published editions of Pier Goos‘ „Zee-Atlas“, the first in 1683 which also contained some of his own maps.

Size: 51 x 60 cm
Image: Original colour
Year: 1683

Map details

Paskaert van Yslandt en Noorweegen Mitsgaders de Eylanden daer omtrent gelegen. Zynde sonder Miswysing en veel fouten Verbeetert …

This beautiful sea-chart shows the east coast of Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, the west coast of Norway and the northernmost part of the British Isles, including an inset map of Jan Mayen in the upper right corner. The decorative title cartouche with foxes and an animal looking like a sea monster is placed into the interior of Greenland and a distance scale cartouche in the lower right corner. The map is embellished by a an ornamental compass rose In the center of the map with rhumb lines as well as sailing vessels and fishermen in rowing boats hunting whales. The coastlines are filled with place-names with the exception of Greenland and Iceland.

Also the interior of Iceland is completely empty. East and west of the country the mysterious „Enchuyser Eylandt“ and „Gouberma I.“ are to be seen.